Top 10 Best KPop Bands

1 Super Junior
Super JuniorSuper Junior is a South Korean boy band. Formed in 2005 by producer Lee Soo-man of S.M. Entertainment, the group comprised a total of thirteen members at its peak. I love SUJU from the deepest site of my heart. They are really care to their fans. SUJU and ELF is family. No one can’t apart us. We will be together forever. I don’t care what people said bad things to SUJU. I love them purely. Because of SUJU my life become more meaningful. They make us smile, laugh, give us pleasure. How bad condition happen, we always face together. When they smile, we will smile. When they cry, we will cry with them. I never betray to SUJU and ELF. I love SUJU
Super junior Daebak I will like them till the end of time… They treat each other so nice… They always show us their true hearts… Let’s make the sapphire blue world
Super Junior is and will always be the best in the world!AND they are AWESOME, CUTE, TALENTED, and everything.I have all their albumsThey make me smileI just LOVE them.
I love SJ because they have a lot of talent.Leeteuk is the best leader I have ever seen. Come on. How many groups have that many members? Leeteuk has to take care of them like a mother duck (ok he is one) even though they may cause a lot of problems. His dancing skills are also really good!Heechul is the wildest and craziest member in there and his diva-ness is just too unbearable. Hankyung might have left the group, but he is so talented he got to star in transformers!Yesung has one of the best voices in SJ and his obsession with turtles is just so cute!Kangin might have his bad points, but his raccoon eyes and his appa-ness… I really love him for that.Shindong might not have the best figure in SJ, but his dancing skills are also great and his jokes are funny :DSungmin is really talented in martial arts and his aegyo is so cute! I think it is even better than a lot of female idols :3Eunhyuk’s dancing is DAEBAK! I mean he is so natural and hot and sexy …more

2 Big Bang
Big BangBig Bang is a South Korean boy band formed by YG Entertainment. The group consists of 4 members: G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, and Daesung. Bigbang is the best! We’re back again one more time saying noway noway
They are totally unique, and they always have something new to bring to table. I love their amazing personalities and they are as good in singles as together. It’s really made of the most talented people
BIGBANG is the best group in the world! Who set new trends in music?… BBWho are most beautiful boys in Asia?… BBWho have perfect style, music, voice etc.?… BBWho won MTV EMA?… BBWho is the V.I. P?… BBAnd who is the best kpop group?… BB… And SNSD? D… They can’t sing without playback… Gee? It’s so stupid song only for small children :/V.I. P, vote for BIGBANG!
In my opinion and people must agreed with me, BIGBANG IS THE FIRST GROUP THAT CAN DO SOLO, DUO OR EVEN GROUP WITH SUCCESSFUL, BIGBANG have 3 great singers, first we have TAEYANG that have a r&b soul voice, then we have DAESUNG, that have high note voice with great korean soul culture, lastly we have SEUNGRI, he voice was normal but even its normal, we can heard very clearly what he say. And BIGBANG voices that we very clearly fast recognize very well. Then we have 2 GREAT DUO RAPPER. First we have G DRAGON. This guy so damn smart. He rapper is strong with fly rap with swag. Then we have T.O. P that very great with beat heavy rap. SOME GROUP HAVE THEIR ADVANTAGES LIKE DANCE OR SING BUT BB HAVE THIS 2 ADVANTAGES WITH GREATEST AWESOME PERFORMANCES. THEY GOT SWAG. Don’t you BELIEVE, WATCH BIG SHOW. AND THE REASON WHY KOREA INTERESTING BECAUSE 2 OF THEIR REASON WAS big show n g dragon. Then BB ACTUALLY GREAT NOT ONLY BECAUSE OF THEIR SING, BUT THEIR CAN ACT, DOING MC, PRODUCES SOME OF …more

EXOExo is a South Korean-Chinese boy group based in Seoul. Formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2011, the group debuted in 2012 with twelve members separated into two subgroups, EXO-K and EXO-M, performing music in Korean and Mandarin, respectively. EXO IS THE BEST! The best rookie band of the year! They are my favorite band ever! They songs are songs… Also the dance steps… Well exo is divided into two… Exo-k (korean) and exo-m (chinese)… Even they are divided into two… They are still one! And I like them both… Sorry for bad english
This rookie group seriously has some amazing, talented young boys. They can sing and dance very well. Immediately, they have captured my attention, ever since I accidentally clicked their song on YouTube. Though they have not officially debuted yet, they are currently my favorite kpop group.
They are a great rookie band. I’m an SM Town biased so… You see… I like them. They should really win the rookie award… I think just being included here is a great privilege for us, Exotics.
EXO debuted in 2012 among a lot of other rookies bands but they still managed to make a way for themselves. People are quick to state that it’s thanks to their label but to be quite honest, from a non-fan point of view, they are really talented and seem to have a lot to show us in the future. They never fail to surprise me every time I (randomly) watch one of their fancam. Some other rookies are cool too, but EXO really gives off that aura that makes you like them even more. One can’t only watch an EXO performance without being outstanded by Kai and Lay’s dancing perfections, Chen and D. O amazing vocals and I could go on but I don’t know well the members yet. But basically they are a full package. I heard that some of them trained for a really short period of time so I thought “Oh no, they can’t be good”… Oh boy! I was wrong. Turns out the one who had the least training was the most amazing and steady vocalist out there : Chen. Yes, their label knows how to promote them, …more

4 SHINee
SHINeeShinee is a South Korean boy band formed by SM Entertainment in 2008. The group is composed of four members: Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin. Originally a five-piece group, vocalist Jonghyun died in December 2017. I love how strong and beautiful Jonghyun’s voice is! They all work together perfectly and their music videos are perfectly choreographed! AND JONGHYUN IS JUST SO SEXY! HIS BEAUTIFUL VOICE AND BEAUTIFUL BODY! I love him the most in Replay and Lucifer Totally recommend first time listening to K-pop.. SHINee “Hello”, that’s how I got hooked on this!
They’re perfect!For a group they have the best teamwork, each members is so close to each other. They swept awards not long ago after their debut. Not like so many others group, SHINee is the best when live perform (no-lipsync) and bad at lipsync XP. They’re so famous not only in Korea but also overseas, Asia (esp in Japan, even they have official fandom in Japan “SHINee world J”, his populariry in Japan is so great), Europe, U. S, they’re the world star! Their singing ability is great (each member have great singing skill) and dancing ability is no doubt. Their hit songs are really hits!Not only famous for being SHINee, the popularity of each member is no doubt!Leader Onew is really great leader, good mc, good at acting (look at his musical), his voice? Amazing!, and he’s really famous for his dakkbam n his sangtaeBlingBling Jonghyun is great writer(look at Obsession, Juliette, Honestly), his singing ability is no joke! (sexy voice n sexy body ), He is also …more
I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. They are such great people and they have wonderful personalities! They have wonderful voices and they’re all unique and adorable in every way! Watch them! I love them all! Taemin and Onew are my favorites cause they’re hilarious and so SO sweet
Noona’s young romance? Well not anymore, SHINee with members Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho, and Key is the contemporary band that debuted with their “Replay” single and now they have grown to be more manly and as better as ever from releasing “Ring Ding Dong” and “Lucifer”. Today, they are known not just in Korea but in other parts of Asia, Europe, and U. S and has officially debuted in Japan with the remake of “Replay” and topping in their music charts like Oricon in it’s first weeks of sales. –These boys have made each and every shawols (their fandom) as proud as they can be as they continue to sweep the music industry with their contemporary music dashing talent for dancing.

5 SNSD a.k.a Girls Generation
These girls are the reason I fell in love with Kpop in the first place. I like how their pull off different images, especially how they managed to have so many hit songs based on different concepts. They are also an all rounded group, showing the some of the best idol singers and dancers in the Kpop industry. They do not act fake in shows and this is another thing I like as they do not try to create a fake image to gain fans. I am proud to call myself a Sone and I hope people realize how much popularity they have brought to Kpop internationally and continue supporting them SNSD Fighting!
I love the girls! They were my first taste of K-pop! & I can’t say I have a favorite member, but I would have to say I love LOVE Hyoyeon! Her raps and dancing is so amazing and fill me with so much energy! I love all of SNSDs songs, they are absolutely inspirational SNSD fighting!
They are just 9 unique artists that shine the brightest when together. They just have too much charms to mention!
Girls Generation is the face of KPOP. The face of Korean music and the queen of the KPOP music industry. No matter what anyone says, SNSD is the best group by far. They have beautiful voices and are amazing dancers. Each member has a specific talent and a specific role in the group. TaeYeon is the leader and main vocal who holds the group together with her dorkiness and voice. Jessica increases the beauty, sexiness, and vocal skills with her beautiful feminine voice, her adorable aegyo (cuteness) and simply her beauty. Yoona is the “face” of SNSD with very cute aegyo and beautiful. She is absolutely gorgeous. Tiffany is the queen of ALL eye smiles in KPOP and brings another English-fluent skill with Jessica. Sunny is considered as the CUTEST and the member with the most aegyo. Not only that, but her voice is smooth and beautiful. SeoHyun, the gorgeous maknae (youngest one), is one of the lead singers with simply an amazing voice. Yuri is the black pearl, the sexiest in SNSD. …more – SNSDjessicalovee

6 BTS (Bangtan Boys)
BTS is a new band under Big Hit entertainment. They are a hit hop band. Their new song call “No More Dream” is just amazing. The lyrics is so encouraging to hear. It made me think about my dream again too. Applause for you BTS. Fighting! 😀
I love BTS! It’s only been two months since their debut and I love them to pieces! Their music is extremely hardcore and their album can we talk about how “2Kool4Skool” left me catching LIFE? Yes I love them and I know that they will go VERY FAR in the industry
Highly active (albums, mini albums, special merchandise, Rookie King, American Hustle Life, rare/limited merchandise, BangtanTV, Twitter, intro performances, Japanese albums, etc. ), multi-talented, involvement of all members, great vocals, great raps, great dancing, great everything. Involvement in the lyric production<3 Overall, they're top. One of the most influential people in my life. Major impact on all those around them. They constantly remind us to follow our dreams. Don't abide by the standards of others. Set your own goals in life. Be proud of who you are and what you can do. Acknowledge what you cannot do and improve. Be true, be you. I just love them. I have experienced some of the songs by other groups like big bang and super junior, but the beat of other songs is not as catchy as that of bangtan. And most importantly they are so sweet, cute and handsome. Right ARMY? 980 Comments 7 f(x) f(x)Fx is awesome..Everyone of their members has a unique personality but they all blend together on stage.
They have their own unique style that makes them different from all the other kpop groups! They’re not just the average short skirt long hair girl group that seems to be ruleing kpop. F( fighting!
K-pop group is such an amazing group but only few has been my FAVORITE, its the Fx and shinee! Th first time I’ve seen fx in the internet and there songs I’ve been searching all about fx, specially the members. (SULLI, KRYSTAL, LUNA, SUNNY, AMBER) all of you is my inspiration and I’m planning to go to korea just to see the fx because they make me happy when the first time I keep searching on fx… YOU are such simply the best of all.. For me each of the member of fx has a tremendous and unique talent that can be specify their personality which all of them use it when performing. When they perform together there chemistry are perfect to combine and if there chemistry are combine a super duper fabulous fx group are performing… THEY ARE SIMPLY THE BEST AND DIFFERENT FROM OTHER K-POP GROUPS… FIGHTING ALWAYS AND NEVER GIVE UP.. I LOVE FX! Even there are times people say negative about fx… Please members of fx always have fate that your fans just like me have care and always be …more
They definitely stand out from the rest… They don’t try to show more skin to be better… They represent individuality and really unique songs yet that are also catchy at the same time. All of their songs rock… Not only one of them that stands out… All of them are great. Each member has a beautiful soul and literally has their own sole personalities that I admire so much. Definitely most beautiful, unique and awesome kpop band out there… A proud aff (x) tion right here. Standing true to these amazing girls, you rock!

8 GOT7
GOT7Got7 is a South Korean boy band formed by JYP Entertainment. The group is composed of seven members: JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom. Very talented and they just killed the dance floor! Good Luck!
The best group ever
I love GOT7 and I’m an iGOT7. They have good music, can dance, and they are literally THE FUNNIEST group I’ve come across. – LoveKookie

9 2NE1
2NE12NE1 was a South Korean girl group consisting of Bom, Dara, CL, and formerly Minzy. The group was formed by YG Entertainment in 2009. My vote is for this group they are more impressive than the others and although they are only 4 but they can perform well and very very talented…
I very very like 2n1 because… The best all the time.. Although they are only 4 but they can sing as well can dance with high feeling and emotions… The best and this group inspired me also my friends… I salute this group very much… Thanks
I think 2ne1 is the best. Specially here in the Philippines. 2ne1 is the first group “sumikat” here in the Philippines
2NE1 is an awesome band. I have been a fan every since the beginning. & I love all there songs and song collabs (Lollipop with BIGBANG). I really get along with the music form the band plus the beats from the music are very great! They are different than most KPOP girl bands. I love how unique the band is too! Their styles and music really shows that.

NU'ESTLove their song face and I’m sorry.. I also love minhyun and ren.. Ren you are very cute.. And minhyun you are very handsome.. To jr, baekho and aron you all are good in dancing and singing.. Love nu’est..
NU’EST is the best. NU’EST number 1♥ We are L.O. /. E and we love NU’EST. NU’EST fighting! Accidentally opened iTV (1 kpop music channel of Vietnam) I saw “Face” of NU’EST. It’s amazing how! From dancing to the song, their music and they style it’s so amazing.. I never ​​impression on so, I never interested in any one kpop group. And immediately I was look for information in the Internet about Nu’est, Nu’est is wonderful. The most impressive to me is Ren, when watching the mv “Face”, I was wondering “weird, kpop group have 1 single female member! “. Now I think it so funny. Ren owns of great beauty, which is why I was attracted. I hope Nu’est will come to Vietnam!. We will always support NU’EST in everywhere! NU’EST fighting!
Don’t know why but they have something very attractive! The first time I saw them I was… Enchanted! After watching making of a star, I’ve completely became their fan! Keep fighting nu’est! I’ll keep watching you guys!
They’re always nice

The Contenders

11 Infinite
Their music is awesome and unique! You’ll never find another k-pop group with such a style of music! 🙂 singing along as well as dancing to their songs require so much skill! I believe infinite deserve so much more credit for their actions! 🙁 They work hard for us inspirits, putting up with all the stress and struggles but remain optimistic and brighter than any other k-pop group I’ve ever seen! I hope people will take notice of infinite more! I’ve been fans of shinee, bigbang, suju, ss501, beast, b1a4, boyfriend, exo, tvxq.. You name it! But infinite will always, always be my favourite. I love each of them so, so much and I hope for the best for them!INFINITE, INSPIRIT FOREVER!
I really love them very much especially “HoyA”! I really loved his dance moves. I can’t explain how good they R. I am very speechless when they are performing.
INFINITE members all have different talents. Woohyun has a powerful vocals and he knows how to control it. Sunggyu has a great voice. Both Dongwoo and Hoya can rap, sing, and dance. And they can do all three amazingly. Sungyeol has a good voice, although he’s not given that much lines. Myungsoo has a unique voice that’ll melt U.Sungjong has a good voice and can dance girl group dances better than you, probably. As a group, they’re super duper mega ultra amazing. They also have great personalities that’ll make you fall for them even more.
Whether you like them for their music, dancing, variety, acting, or everything about them overall, Infinite is a solid Korean group full of strengths. They’ve been active for quite a number of years now, and they are still going strong, thanks to their loyal fanbase and strong bonds between the members. To me, their music is unique and always enjoyable; their songs follow a different sound than those that are mainstream now, and I really enjoy how different that sound is. Infinite has done a great job being consistent with that sound. Their concerts and performances will always satisfy and it’s great how they pride themselves so much on giving a great performance to their fans. They have their own passions and pursue them as well. Infinite’s fan service and genuine love for their fans is also very apparent and strong. Every two years since their debut, they’ve been having their That Summer Concerts and INFINITE Rallies to spend time with their fans, and each year, their appreciation …more

Before that I want to say “anyong haseyo saranghae”For me the no. 1korean pop is you kiss because you kissIs the best you kiss is my life. Once again saranghae you kiss your my life
I Love you Kiss they are very talented and have strong vocals, especially Soohyun. I prefer you Kiss as the second best band after Super Junior. My favourite songs are never land,0330, bingeul bingeul and man man ha ni. The first song which I listened was bingeul bingeul which made a great impression on me. They are really good. I don’t know why they are no. 12. I hope they reach the top place soon…
I loved them not for their looks, fame or vocals. But I loved them for their talents and personality and their never ending love for each other and Kissmes
You kiss are very talented, they have been working hard for sveral years yet nobody has recognised them for that! Besides, their singers have really amazing potentials! And even the rappers have great voices!They’re very underrated in korea because koreans don’t want to give them a chance but to proove them wrong, they can see the huge amount of fans they have overseas! And with all my respect to all other bands, I think you kiss is THE MOST band that deserves every award or recognition especially after 5 or 6 years from their debut in 2008, they haven’t won anything unlike other bands who have debuted in the same year! That sounds pretty wrong and awkward, not only to me but also to all other fans out there!And even if they haven’t had the chance to be happy and satisfied like other groups, they still work very hard, show the best of themselves, give the kissmes all their love, give us really magnificent songs to listen to and show us that the show is still going on and will …more

13 SS501
Kim Hyun Joong is amazing. He is adorable, has awesome hair, a great voice and is a sexy actor.
they are the best! I LOVE there songs! one of their songs were played in boys before flowers, which is a korean drama, which is THE BEST!
They are one of the best Korean boy band, all the members have a great chemistry and sense of humor. Waiting for their comeback.
SS501 is Perfect! They have the strongest bond ever! They’re like Real siblings who love each other so much! FOREVER TRIPLE S here. They will always be in my heart. They are the best of the best. The love they give to their fans is Infinite. I will always wait for them to reunite again! There is something about SS501 that will make you love them unconditionally. They are Unique. Their songs is just so great even the dance steps. THEY ARE MY best BETTEREST GOODEST Band ever! They always make the top 1 songs when they are still not hiatus. They are so humble even they became famous all over the world! I know that in this contest they would never be in the 1st place.That’s because not all the triple s around the world knew this website. If all the triple s knew about this, I’m 100% sure SS501 will make it to the top.And PLEASE STOP UNDERESTIMATING SS501! Because you don’t know how great they are! CAN OTHER K-POP GROUP LOVE THEIR FANS LIKE SS501 DO?! AND …more

14 CN Blue
Through all the criticism and controversy, CN Blue has still managed to create great music! With Yonghwa as there leader, CN Blue is definitely a force to be reckoned with. I cannot wait to see what they do next. FIGHTING!
They are simply the best! I love them so much, they have great songs and the lead vocalist is so cute and has an amazing voice! They are so much better that all the other k-pop bands. C.N. blue forever! Best band in South Korea
I Love them because they have effort to their songs.I LOVE KANG MIN HYUK cause he is very lovely and good @ the drums his is confident to his doing. He is also good at acting
This is the only k – pop group I like. – I80

TVXQDBSK is the BEST! They should be #1. Sure, other groups might sometimes bring some stiff competition, but DBSK can never lose, and they WILL NEVER lose! They work so hard, and sing so well, how can any other team compare?! They are the best KPOP Boyband I’ve ever known. And I too have other boybands that I like, but they seriously are NO MATCH compared to DBSK (TVXQ, Tohoshinki, JYJ, etc. ) because DBSK is Authentic, You can’t find another group like them again! Even other groups try to be like them (No offense) Creativity, Looks, Voice, They have’em ALL! They always keep the faith, they really do. When they cry, our hearts hurt. Seeing them split up makes me wanna cry! The 5 of them were so Great! Hopefully, one day they can reunite, together as one again. As a DBSK&&JYJ-Lover, I can never stand to see them apart. Kim Jaejoong, you-know Yunho, Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun, Max Changmin, they belong together! Because, when they combine, their music is INCOMPARABLE! No other band stands a …more
TVXQ is obviously the best Korean pop group – unlike the vast majority of groups that either rely on their looks (or legs, cough SNSD) or comedic value (cough Suju), they truly are a multi-talented group, and will always be remembered as such. In all honesty, if you look at idols, Jaejoong and Junsu are the most talented singers, hands down. The other three are damn good too, and Homin are vastly underrated as singers. You know that there’s a problem when you have, like, more than seven members, and you still can’t as a whole, carry a tune. I’ve yet to hear any group, TVXQ besides, attempt a song with say, the vocal difficulty of Love in the Ice. 2am, sure, does sound nice, but the difficulty of their ballad songs pale in comparison to TVXQ’s, and they lack the ability to harmonize as well. I hope you guys realize that TVXQ, although more specifically Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu, do a lot of their composing of songs – like Get Out, In Heaven, Kiss Shita Mama Sayonara (which is one of …more
Best kpop boyband that ever existed. No one can ever replace them. They’re utterly talented, got good looks, and… I just love them. I really hate that they’re not 5, but the 5 members Dong Bang Shin Ki or Tong Vfang Xien Qi or Tohoshinki is always the best. DB5K FIGHTING! Always Keep The Faith
I can tell that DB5K is the best, because when they are still 5 we all know that they are in the Guinness and up to now no one can beat the number of fandoms they had all over the world… They are the kpop Gods! Their group was also some of the inspiration of some of the kpop groups now… The members work together as one that’s why they are really amazing… Jaejoong’s voice is so warm, Xiah’s voice is so gentle, Changmin’s voice is powerful and he has the highest pitch of voice not just in their entertainment but also in Korea as a boy group member and when he sang in a high tone experts do not know the pitch that he is hitting because it’s so high, Yunho is the best leader and he is also known for being a Dance God in Korea and Yoochun is so good in rapping and has an amazing vocal too… They were train but their talents were natural they took hardships just to pass their audition unlike some of the other members of some group that were just hooked for their charisma and did …more

16 B.A.P
WHY IS THIS GROUP SO UNDERRATED THEY DESERVE SO MUCH MORE!But seriously the quality of the music they produce is just phenomenal. They are the trendsetters in the kpop community and were one of the first (if not THE first) boy group to debut with a tough, hip-hop concept that heavily contrasted with the popular “pretty flower-boy” concept at the time. Personally, I have always loved groups with unique and powerful messages within their music. Yes, love is a universal topic that is very easy to sing about…but it is so mainstream and most music about love has really lost its meaning. B.A.P.’s songs include very deep and moving messages about society, political injustice, depression, standing up for your beliefs, etc. (These are all examples from songs I thought of on the spot)It isn’t just their music that makes you want to just love them, but the members themselves are amazingly talented and hard-working. All the members contribute to the group! They’ve got …more
I love B.A.P. because their songs aren’t mainstream and they pull them off perfectly. Look at “Warrior, ” that was their FIRST VIDEO, and it just gets better with “Power! ” I’m expecting best absolutely perfect songs from them.
B.A. P is so talented and hardworking! A lot of their songs are NOT about love. I mean, love is great but that’s all songs are about, these days. a lot of idols/celebrities donate money, but B.A. P actually donated money in the name of their fandom (babys)! Even though they’re incredibly sweet, their songs are what make me like them even more. Some of their songs are about standing up for what you believe in and getting up when you fall down. You may think I’m pathetic for standing up for people I don’t personally know, but… I am pathetic. Haha.
They are the absolute best kpop band in history of bands in general, they kick all other bands asses and really deserve to be NUMBER ONE BABY Their the reason that I am so happy and fan girl all day they make me believe in faith and destiny and hope they are the absolute best that’s why their called B.A. P it stand for BEST ABSOLUTE PERFECT and they are perfection to me I don’t know why theses other bands are in number 1-14 because B.A. P is very well known to start with and a lot of people don’t know the other bands that Are listed here so B.A. P should at least be In number 2, I Just know that they got me to like kpop in general their songs are very motivating and I just love them ZELO/junhong is the cutest most handsome guy I have ever seen in my whole life and I’ve seen a lot of cute men but zelo is just the bae and I don’t know what my life would be like if he wasn’t in that group he completes the world to me so BAP deserve TO BE NUMBER ONE

17 T-ara
EunjungFightingi will always support all of you because I’m diademDon’t give up and keep spirit for increase your reputation in K-pop
Love their songs and choreography. They are unique and different. They are always beautiful, hardworking and the best.I will always believe their ability!T-ara Fighting! Queens will always stand beside you!
T-ara is the best, Their songs are so cute and awesome, they’re the most special band among Korean bands. Love you forever!
T-ara has been a sensation. They have shown a lot with their different personalities and abilities. As a group I believe that they have grown to become one of the leading representatives of Korea’s music industry. What makes them special is their ability to change their concept any time but would always keep their quality of music at the top. This is why they are called by some people as chameleons of the entertainment industryBoram, Soyeon, Qri, Hyomin, Eunjung, Jiyeon, Hwayoung and the newcomers Ahreum and Dani will surely continue to grab everyone’s attention in the future with their synchronized dances and uplifting songs that will be remembered forever by the people. Queens and everybody else will come to see a miracle that is T-ara.

I think they’re the best kpop group! BEAST have great dancers like Kikwang, Hyunseung and Junhyung, a great vocalist (Yoseobie! Of course! ), a very funny and cool leader, who care about them (Doojoon! ), a maknae so simple, cute and kind (Dongwoon), a GREAT rapper ( I think Junhyung is one of the bests! ). They’re all kind, beautiful, cute (especially Yoseobie! ), do I have to say more? BEAST is the best, they have to be number 1!
I like them because they so talented in singing and dancing… B2ST fighting! Yoseob is the best one singer in the world…
IT’S NOT POSSIBLE TO LIVE THROUGH THE DAY WITHOUT LISTENING TO B2ST! I <3 THEM SO MUCH! B2ST FIGHTING! I MEAN, YOU CAN'T FIND A BETTER BOY BAND THEN THEM! (SORRY ABOUT CAPS) I like beast so much not only because they look good and stuff like that etc. But because they are very hard working and very talented. Also each member has a very unique personality and the best part is they don't pretend to be someone their not, they just show their real personality to everyone, be it being goofy or how emotional they could be at times even being childish. That's the cute side of them. And more importantly they are very kind to their fans. And I am very touched on how much they give importance and appreciation to the support they get from their fans. Although I have just become a fan recently for about a month ago, It all started when I watched their MV "Beautiful Night" I was so amazed on their performance plus the song was really nice so in an instant I became their fan. Right now I could say that I am officially a B2UTY and I am proud to be one... So BEAST! For me BEAST is the BEST kpop group ever! :)) 242 Comments 19 FT ISLAND FT Island is like the best band ever, you won't find anyone like them. They all have different and unique personalities. Also, they have many charms like Hongki his voice, Jonghun is so hot D, Minhwan his aegyo, Jaejin is mature, Seunghyun his humor, and of course who would forget Wonbin and his cuteness! They're all know from their charm and good looks, I mean really who wouldn't fall for them FT Island fighting - from a sincere primadonna FT Island is a really good band. They have true personality, dorky behaviour and really supreme voice plus looks. Each and every member is unique and have their own talent. What matter most is that they are a band that plays instruments. I love Seunghyun. FT island not just an idol group, they're Best band in the world. Besides, if you went for their live concert, then you'll know why prima donnas get addicted by them They are pure & young, they follow freedom, they share BELIEVE with Primadonnas. They are so friendly with the fans and never ever have an ego characteristic. 5 of them is a band, a team, they assemble to produce only ONE MUSIC-that is FTISLAND'S MUSIC. They music composed, sang and played is from their heart, that is why their music touches my heart. THEY ARE THE BEST. THEY HAVE US-THE AWESOME PRIMADONNAS SUPPORTING THEM, FLY WITH THEM, REACH EVERY GOAL. I FT ISLAND 137 Comments 20 2PM/2AM All 2pm songs is so catchy and they are is the most best dancer band. I think Junsu and Wooyoung is the best singer in whole k-pop boyband. "I'll be back" and "take off" is addictive song. 2pm is very talented.. And there songs are awesome and addictive.. <3...Specially there new album HANDS UP is really great..JUST LOVE THEN!..2PM FAN FOR EVER!MUCH love FROM A TRUE FAN! They have a variety of music styles, all of which fit them well and are catchy. They really care for their fans and are sincere. 2pm might not be as popular as exo or some other bands nowadays. maybe its because they haven't had some big events going on or things like that. as a 2pm fan I might be biased, but I believe that they are the best. my love faded for them quite a bit after exo and bap debuted but after a while I went to watch all their music videos again before they released "grown" and I fell in love with them all over again. can't you see their passion in their eyes? I'm not saying exo or suju don't have it, it's just that if you listen to their music you know yourself that they always try their best, and that music is their life. 2pm, if you ever see this, my friends nowadays are saying that you guys are getting out of the "good kpop band" zone, and I need to prove them wrong. please come back soon with a great album, better than all the previous one, something that will blow their minds 134 Comments 21 Miss A Miss AMiss A, stylized as miss A, is a South Korean-Chinese girl group based in South Korea formed by JYP Entertainment in 2010. Their group name stands for Miss Asia and the highest rank, A.The group consists of three members: Fei, Min, and Suzy. Miss A is greater than after school… i really really like suzy of miss A and min I like them… they deserve the top 10 not the top 30 arasseo11! miss a is a new group so hope to see you guys notice that they’re better than other girl group
Their the best… Suzy of miss a is so amazing… I really like their song touch!
They are very great they have good vocals such is my bias and they are the queens of beauty
Here in the Philippines as a 13 year old girl really likes miss A.. Specially SUZY! I really love you miss a SUZY! Saranghae! Since one of the channel here aired the koreanovele”DREAM HIGH” I AM LOOKING FORWARD SO MUCH TO THIS GROUP! SARANGHAE ULJEANA! MUAH! :*

MBLAQ DAEBAKThey’re awesome and are very passionate about their work and totally love their fans
AWESOME choreographyAMAZING vocalsFUNNY personalityHUMBLE and DOWN TO EARTH personalityLOVE their fansALWAYS gives their bestAPPRECIATES their fansTALENTED a very talented groupREAL they doesn’t have a fake personalityHONEST they always answers truthfully on every questions asked to themTHOSE are what WE A+ family LOVES about MBLAQ.
Please come to Switzerland a lot of peoples loves you… Big Kiss Ami-Chan
They are really hard working and super cute and super funny. Their choreography and songs are truly on of a kind. All five of them has this amazing and special talent that makes them who they are but all together they’re the most talented, cutest, funniest, hottest, hard working, sexiest and most honest group I’ve ever seen. They’re not afraid to show who they truly are and they always never forget to smile and show their love to their fans even though they’re tired, sleepy or just want to faint. They’re strong!

23 Exo-M
I love exo m especially lay and luhan.. Exo m an exo k is the best ever..
Kris, luhan, xiumin, chen, tao, ley are the members of exo m are good
I Love Exo M, Especially Lu hanThe Thing that I like about exo m cause I’m a Chinese and I also Love to hear Chinese song, by the way They are so CuteAdd oil Exo M
Exo m since Kris luhan and Tao left exo m is only lay xiumin and Chen I feel bad because I feel like exo will lose all the members and disband at this rate this may happen but what ever happens I support there decision 100% I love exo

24 Red Velvet
i like
The Best girl group around it should be in the top 10
Red velvet is the best too! K Pop is the best music ever made – Lordvader3500
Red Velvet should be number 1. Its just 2ne1 and SNSD that get a lot of attention, they are good, but red velvet is better because their songs are relatable and catchy, and better vocals.

25 Black Pink
The literal best
Blackpink is the revolution
They have the same amount of subscribers as BTS
They should be in top 5. at least higher than BTS

They are not childish. And their performance is real life music. – stellahase
Their song whoz that girl is amazing. Their performance & voice is very good & amazing. Fighting. Please more song will sing.
LE. Favorite kpop rapper
I love Solji’s voice. It really gives me energy! That is why I became a EXID fan!

27 Teen Top
Teen TopTeen top is the best because they are still at their young age (17-22) but they can perform like a really superstar… I think they can go beyond and hit it to the first rank… Just try to view their videos and you’ll surely got “WOW” with their moves… On how they move their body…
Teen Top are awesome they can dance and sing any song and not to mention they are hot~ haha
The Korean awesome band teen top~~ I love k-pop but I love you guys most! C.A. P, chunJi, L. Joe, Niel, Ricky and Changjo I love you guys~! Teen Top&ANgel forever! Aa
Every member in this group is very sexy and young they also perform really good on stage they should be at least the top ten or so. Teen Top got the moves on stage.. Fight Teen Top rise to be the top ten.

28 Sistar
They are born superstar, without acting sexy they are already look so sexy
Sistar is the Sexiest Girl group. Specially Bora. Top 3 Sexiest body in Korea.
They are so cute and TALENTED all together! Hope they won’t split up or somethin’! I love them So much! The shouldn’t be underrated… SISTAARR is the BEST! HHWWAAIITTIINNGG!
When they sing they look cuteWhen they dance they look cool

29 Twice
TwiceTwice is a South Korean girl group formed by JYP Entertainment through the 2015 reality show Sixteen. Twice is a new band compared to others in the list, at least show some support – Fkvengeance
Twice is the best girl group they must have to be in top 5
They are all SO cute! AND THEY DESERVE NUMBER1( At lease in top 5)
My second favourite girl group after SNSd… Love Twice sooo muchh…

30 Girl’s Day
Girl’s Day totally rules the world! They have popular songs, like ‘Twinkle Twinkle’, ‘Hug Me Once’ and ‘Oh My God! ‘ which are great to listen to anywhere, anytime! =D
They have popular songs, Ring My Bell which is great to listen anytime! – Lordvader3500
So cute lovely sing very wellMy most k-pop singer
Really under-rated group. Should deserve more popularity!

31 Girls’ Generation-TTS
Girls' Generation-TTSGirls’ Generation, also known as SNSD, was formed in South Korea, in 2007. The current members are Taeyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun. Jessica left in 2014. They are known as the second best selling girl group of all time, Korea’s National Girl Group, and one of …read more. I love you girls’s generation. You guys r the best! FANY, I love you most… Awkward…
They are like the best, and they’re all so pretty. I wish I could be apart of their band! You guys are so lucky!
Girls generation song are the best like beep beep
TTS IS THE BEST! Taeyeon, I love her for being real! For being a good kid-leader of Girls generation! TTS IS

32 Boyfriend
This group I think is one of the best.. Well because they have catch the masses attention so fast and they already have so many international fans their group created a big impact in the kpop music industry already..Not to mention they are only a rookie group!SO VOTE VOTE VOTE FOR BOYFRIEND
Boyfriend’s so special.. They always work hard to have a day now.Although they isn’t the best, but they have real talent. Please vote for our little boys. Top 10? OK, it’s simple!Try to take them on top 10 and more. Fighting!
Personal me I think that BOYFRIEND is the best boy band in the entire universe and that they always make me happy so much every single day of my life, and that they try and work so hard which is so fantastic, and because of them I want to become a fantastic singer and dancer they changed my life a lot one day when I grow up I’m am going to South Korea to go see them, and they make me so happy and their so inspirational every single day of the world they make me so happy and I will LOVE them so much in my heart every day of the world when it shines on and shines on forever together in the world.
I like boyfriend k-pop in all angles.. For me they are unique and I hope they could come here in the phillipines… Wish you guys good health and more blessings to come.. Sarang hae

33 B1A4
I think b1a4 should go on top 10 they are amazing
B1A4 is amazing! Sandeul, Jinyoung, CNU, Baro and GongChan are both super adorable and talented! They should be in top 10 list of amazing KPOP bands
My pretty boys… They are the best rokkies the last year, they worked hard to be the best. They are really funny and so adorable… An cute.They are the best… Their BANAs love themLet’s Fly!
B1A4 should be on the top list. I am not a Kpop fan before but when I tend to listen to B1A4 songs, I kept on listening everyday and I really love them. B1A4 composed their own songs and that’s one of their edge. They also have unique and natural personalities even on and off cam. Baro has exceptional rap and dance talent, Jinyoung as song writer, singer, composer, Gongchan with sweet amazing voice, Sandeul with powerful voice, CNU with great singing talent and dance moves. All of them are amazing. Lets Fly B1A4! We love so you much to the moon and back! Hope to see you soon. Fighting!

34 4minute
4minute4Minute is a five-member South Korean girl group formed in 2009 by Cube Entertainment with music singles and albums released primarily in South Korea and Japan. 4minute is the best Kpop girl group in the world in my opinion and in anybody’s opinion if they took the time to get know all of the most amazing members.My favorite although not a lot of people’s favorite is Gayoon she is stunning beautiful amazing charismatic deep thoughtful and one of the best underrated singers I’ve ever heard. Literally she is one of the most beautiful people on this earth and people really need to realize that. She’s good at everything dancing singing and just being herself which I think a lot of Korean celebrities have to work on is being natural no matter what.Hyuna is cute and adorable and yes sexy but I won’t talk about her very much because she already receives so much attention and that’s awesome because that means more attention for 4minute which they deserve, but she is one of the most awesome dancers on this planet and just the sweetest personJiyoon is lovely and cute and just a really open person that has a great voice, she like …more
Easily the most well rounded and talented group. They have the ability to pull anything off, and with amazing energy. They’re number 1 for me.
I think that 4 minute group is the best group ever.. There all beautiful and their voice is stunning I wish they come back again in the Philippines.I wish you luck keep up the good work
I love 4Minute so so much… Please make them win for once… This is – in my opion – the sexiest and also the cutest girl group in Korea. The more you watch 4Minute, the more you love them. Their personality is very good too. I’m sure that 4Minute will be very happy if you vote for them.4NIas. Let’s make this happen for real

Vixx is such a great group. Their members are so diverse and unique in character and talent. Also their music is amazing I hope that they get a lot of love and popularity in the near future because they TRUELY are an AMAZING group. Vixx FIGHTING!
Vixx is one of the realest groups I have seen I love the fact that they don’t act like the cute idols that we are so used to and their personalities are so real and I love them so much they work so hard and their music is amazing. Not only that but they are all so charming and have such beautiful voice they really are the best rookie group I have heard. Vixx FIGHTING! JELLYFISH FIGHTING!
Vixx is my absolute favorite band of all time. Vixx is also the best rookie group I have ever heard. Their music is amazing and they are full of personality. They are only a little over 1 year old now and their songs are almost on top already. I can wait to see more of their amazing albums and solos. Vixx Fighting! Jellyfish Fighting!
Vixx is the best k-pop band. I love them! They’re the reason why I became such a big K-pop fan. They have awesome music and videos; like Error, Hyde, and Eternity. They are just so fun and silly, they make me laugh so much. Each of them have a beautiful and unique personality. Sadly though, they are the ultimate definition of underrated because they come from a not so known company ); They work so hard and have so much potential though. PLEASE GIVE THEM A CHANCE! Don’t give up boys, I’m with you all the way! VIXX FIGHTING! Jellyfish FIGHTING!

36 A Pink
I love this groupTheir so cute pretty and amazing..I think they will become popular soon..
Apink contains all the essential elements needed to become a remarkable, world renowned girl group.The songs themselves are catchy, the vocal harmonies are tight, the dance routines are clean, and the fashion sense is playful.Each girl is physically attractive; having an individuality and personal charm that adds a key component to the dynamic diversity and overall success of this musical project. And their management was smart, introducing and promoting them through their own reality T.V. series called, “Apink News”.Their endearing-innocence, good-natured looks, and fun-loving sounds makes Apink my choice as ones to watch in the world of K-Pop and global success!ThePopOptic!USA 2013
They are getting more and more famous. All their songs are cool they all have prefect voice and dance a lot same as singing at lot. I bet in a few year everyone in the world would know A pink they also have pretty members which makes the songs more attractive
A Pink has natural personality even in front of camera. I love when they’re showing their unique talents. Also, A Pink know how to act cute and different with other groups. Watching they’re party and have fun makes me have fun too

37 Kara
Love Nicole Jung. Simply the best. Just watch their compilation of the best videos. Absolutely great.
I really really like Hip Movements of KARA. ) I love Nicole & Gyuri so much. KARA fighting~! I hope you’ll make more great songs and dances soon.
Snsd is invincible in Korea right? I think that only kara Can be their rival. Kara is somehow unique. Yes, cute, cheerful, pretty… Probably dearness. They are friendly and really kind! I totally love them the most! Please do more comeback in Korea!

38 After School
After SchoolAfter School, stylized as AFTERSCHOOL in Japan, is a South Korean girl group formed by Pledis Entertainment with an admissions and graduation concept. After school deserves to be at least in the TOP 20!I mean look at how hard they practiced their pole dancing; their latest song ‘First Love’. They earn a bunch of bruises on their skins. Look at how much they sacrifice for their fans.And they have a bunch of talents too.Kahi – Their ex-leader (and also my rolemodel) has the most talents in the group. She can dance and also known as the queen of dancing (even Hyoyeon can’t beat her), she can sings really well, she can rap really well too and she’s the choreographer of the group. She’s really nice in reality if you get to know her more.Jungah – The umma of the group, she has one of the best vocals in the group. She’s really pretty too and I assure that she didn’t do any plastic surgery for her face. To be honest. She’s the new leader now.Jooyeon – The Ulzzang of the group. She’s known for her pretty face and she’s one of the 5 Beauties along with Goo Hyesun and some other girls. Jooyeon is really dorky in …more
After School is the most unique and talented group in Kpop history. There are many things that After School is well known for that makes them so special and/or unique. For example:- their dancing prowess (they still haven’t loss any of their dance battles yet and they’ve taken on much popular groups such as SHINee, SNSD, 4minute and T-ara )- After School is well recognized to have the ability to learn new talents such as drumming, tap dancing, pole dancing and have shown they’re capable of learning many new talents for put on a great show.- their ability to look extremely sexy while being classy at the same time.- Their height.- Their big age gaps (and usually their oldest members are among their hottest)- Their unique and challenging stage performances- ALL after School members can rap- After School can adapt to many different style of singing from sexy hip hop songs like Ah to ballads like “When I fall”, “Someone is you” and “With u”- They’ve been …more
After School really attracted me with their dancing skills when I first saw them. My favourite member was Kahi (so sad she left) but even with the graduation of so many members, the group is holding on well on their own. Why? Because each member has their own talents. Guess it isn’t shown much because their company may not be the best at promoting them, but they have potential and they haven’t reached their ‘awesomeness’ limit yet. They are all attractive, they are professional (if you compare them with a lot of groups) and they dance so well, each and every one of them. AFTER SCHOOL HWAITING! Even their recent pole dancing – which group has or will ever try it? Ok maybe some but what about their drums and tap dancing? AMAZED ALL THE TIME.
After school is a kind of Girl Group that is not afraid to be different and unique. Always being a concept far from the usual and boring ones used by all other Girls groups. From tap dancing, drum line, and even an artistic and classy way of pole art. Being attractive, sexy, classy, and cute all at the same time. A characteristic not common to Girl groups now a days. Under rated, yet still fighting so as to not disappoint their fans and entertain them with their talents in Dancing, singing, rapping, not just with their faces, but with their Art. A true artist.

39 Exo-K
EXO are best! 11
I love exo k because my dearly beloved bias baekhyun is their with kai
EXO.. Like growl please
EXO EXO EXO EXO EXO EXO EXO EXO EXO EXO there are many words to describe this group and the words I chose where handsome talented people who give up every thing to go to audition and they don’t even know if they will get in but they still try most people don’t but you have the few that do like exo. They may have started out as 12 they where a family but then 3 left they still are a family but something’s missing but they go on with there life’s to make us the fans happy. Fighting!

40 JYJ
Together they were the best and still will be. If they were together still they would have been standing together at the top above all the others. They have it all, all the talents needed to be number 1 (apart from the fact that they split up)
Proud of you JYJ oppa, you are the first group band that hold solo concert in spain, german, peru and chile. Loving you as always
Love their song, their modesty, they honesty and they talent. Felt proud to know this kind of group that respects and loves their fans wholeheartedly.
This is the only group that I put my respect too, despite the hardship and obstacles they faced, they remain strong, proud and successful! Not only they’re talented as musician and actors but they also good performers who appreciated their fans very much. Each individual has a pleasing attitude and manner, their humor, modesty and honesty made people happy and warm. Not only each has amazing voice, dance but they also write and compose their own songs even directing their own concert. The team-work, the chemistry and the hard work between the three are remarkable. They also very respectful and caring to all the staff who work with them. They are active in lots of charity work to balance with their fortune. It’ll be too long to summarize but they are exactly reasons why I turn my head to Kpop, no I mean JYJpop!

41 Rainbow
Great girls.. Great personalities! Great potential! In a sea of great talented groups, they maybe hard to spot, but they deserve greater recognition.
Rainbow is really good… I Love all their songs and members… RAINBOW FIGHTING! I hope Rainbow will be popular like KARA soon…
They are all beautiful and I love seung ah and jisook…
I have recently tried this group. THEY ARE AWESOME! Especially, Hyunyoung, I love their song Sunshine and Black Swan.
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42 Gfriend
They have a much more melodic, classic K-pop feel to them, in contrast to a lot of other modern K-pop acts which are basically just turning into the same stale hip-hop / R&B we churn out in the U.S. Also, they are one of the few girl groups in K-pop now that aren’t completely based on sex appeal.I’ll buy a couple singles from other groups if I like the song, but this is a genuine K-pop group I’ll actually get behind and support. – aaronbonneau
This group appeals in it’s own ways, from having magnetizing innocence, to insane choreography and likeable songs
GFriend is the best. They have good vocals and choreography. BUDDIES we can do this. Let us reach number 1
Their Choreography and voice is really good. Hey just debut 2015 so 70th is not really bad. Go go Gfriend!
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43 Infinite H
The only two triple threat in Infinite. My lovely Dance Machine Hoya and my lovely man with the greatest laugh “kyakyakyakya” Dongwoo. Their vocal, rap, & dance will amaze you.
I love INFINITE, especially Sungkyu :)SO, I support them

44 Ladies’ Code
Truly remarkable vocalists. All bring something to the table in each of their songs, although ‘Bad girl’ really stands outs, having the Big Band flavor of the 50’s and 60’s. I’m just astonished they’re not rated higher.
Stay Strong Ladies’s Code, even thought it might be never the same again without them.
RIP EunB and RiSe we will never forget you
It is ok have faith and do well

45 Block B
Block B in my honest opinion have the strongest fandom out there. Some have left but others like us true BBC, have stuck with them through all that’s gone down and still haven’t left them and nor do we plan on it. We love and support them like family as well as the rest of our fandom members. Block B Make us smile without even doing anything. They aren’t Idols, they are musicians with great talent. Block B and BBC are one. Block B and BBC FIGHTING!
I became a BBC this year and Block B slowly rose to the position of my favourite Kpop group of all time. One of the main reasons is because THEY AREN’T FAKE! They don’t make sure they look perfect all the time, they act silly and stupid, they make fun of themselves and they laugh about it all! They have hilarious personalities and derp all the time but it never puts fans off because we know they are beautiful on the inside and outside even if they take ugly photos They are talented, they have 3 amazing rappers and 4 amazing singers. None of their music videos are boring, they are all fun and really crazy but great at the same time? They can do slow songs too, Be the Light is beautiful.They are so nice, funny, talented and derpy basically. They are so underrated and they get a lot of hate. But even with this hate Block B are powering through it and making music for us BBCs.Block B fighting!
BLOCK B is just a one year to 7 month only. But they music is very good and very lovely. And amaging is they’s song is made by zico. Zico is block b reader. They are hiphop idol. I think they are hiphop idol best.
Are you kidding me?! Why is BLOCK B so low on this list?! They are one of the best K-Pop groups ever! They contribute to their music, and videos themselves and always come out with fresh, new original concepts. They’re one of the only groups who are consistent with getting better as they get bigger. Whats happening here? Wow. BLOCK B is like, the hypest K-Pop boyband ever! As soon as you hear their songs or watch their videos you feel like just jumping in and partying with them. I’m a more neutral international fan. So I like many groups, (and block b is only one of the many that I love) but I know that BLOCK B does not deserve to be this low on the list at all.

46 Wonder Girls
Wonder GirlsWonder Girls was a South Korean girl group formed by JYP Entertainment. The group’s final line-up consisted of Yubin, Yeeun, Sunmi and Hyerim. Members Sunye and Sohee officially left the group in 2015, while Hyuna left in late 2007. Wonder Girls rules the world! Their hit songs, like ‘Nobody’, ‘So Hot’, ‘Tell Me’, ‘2 Different Tears’, ‘Be My Baby’ and ‘Like This’ are good to listen to anywhere, anytime! ‘Wonder Girls’ was the first K-pop group I ever knew, and this fabulous group is the reason of why I like K-pop!
I Love the Wonder Girls! They’re humble and when they perform its just full of energy that will give you goosies and make you wanna stand up and sing along with them!
Wonder Girls are the queen of kpop. Being the first Korean artists to enter the Billboard singles chart with the group’s single “Nobody”, this has showed how great the Wonder Girls are. Their latest song for their comeback in last November “Be My Baby” has reached over 16 million views in just 3 months time. They have also released their US single/OST for their movie special “The Wonder Girls”, “The DJ Is Mine”. CHECK THEM OUT GUYS!
Love my Wonder Girls very much! Everyone let’s keep voting for our goddesses!

47 Seventeen
SeventeenSeventeen, also stylized as SEVENTEEN or SVT, is a South Korean boy group formed by Pledis Entertainment in 2015. The group consists of thirteen members divided into three sub-units, each with a different area of specialization: a ‘Hip-Hop Unit’, ‘Vocal Unit’, and ‘Performance Unit’. SUPER TALENTED
Love their musica
These 13 talented babies are so hardworking and really bring out the best in each other they are the shining diamond and it’s so sweet how our names are CARATs which make them shine brighter I LOVE THEM SO MUCH SEVENTEEN HWAITING CARAT HWAITING
These boys are talented BUT in the kpop industry, they are so underrated like they don’t actually get what they really deserve? Which is unfair obviously. At first I felt like nah, there’s 13 members, too many for me to remember. but once I got to know them I realised all of them are bias wreckers. They have grown so much and I honestly love them to death.

48 Boys Generally Asian (BgA)
Love you oppars
I just can’t take them seriously lol
Is this a question? – Tommy_99
They are awesome and stupid at the same time. They have a great sense of humor, though they have too less song. I wish they can make more songs.

49 Shinhwa
I think they are one really unique group of men. They are all so different but hold together now for 15 Years. They are a great example of friendship. In this band you don’t have a bias because all are great in their own way.
They are Legends! Hands down the pioneer and the best
Shinhwa is the best. They’re cute, handsome, goodLooking and funny. Oppa I love you
They are the First of the First in all the new aspects of KPOP! They have lasted as the longest band, with more accomplishments, more fans (if all are counted), made Asia wide fans as well. Therefore SHINHWA IS THE BEST OF OF ALL!

50 Monsta X
They r the best group in the world
Monsta x is my favourite group for many reasons. They’re talented, funny, down to earth and they have amazingly good visuals. Both rappers are amazing and you can’t really choose a bias in monsta x because they’re all great in their own way
They are so cute and so good looking at all times.@3@
They have very great songs anytime and I love them good lack


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