Dark And Disturbing Things You Never Knew About K-Pop

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The foundations of K-pop music as we know it today were laid in the late ’80s, when the South Korean government loosened censorship laws in an effort to modernize, but the Korean music wave didn’t start making a splash on global shores until the 2010s, thanks in no small part to YouTube. According to a 2017 Bloomberg report, the worldwide K-pop industry is worth almost $5 billion, but this fame comes at a cost. It might be all shiny and happy on the surface, but K-pop has a disturbing dark side that artists are only now starting to expose. Brace yourself as we take a closer look at the underbelly of this entertainment industry…

The slave contracts | 0:37
Boot camp hell | 1:31
Money woes | 2:38
Worked to exhaustion | 3:10
Plastic surgery pressures | 3:49
Strict diets | 4:37
The problem | 5:34
Dangerous fans | 6:34
Discrimination? | 7:07

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