DaMoa Home Shopping / K-POP – 29 Photos – Health Markets – 6870 W Spring Mountain, Chinatown, Las Vegas, NV – Phone Number


6870 W Spring MountainUnit 2Las Vegas, NV 89146

(702) 998-8873

the owner is nice, he had a small conversation with me and my aunt. they’d sold out of exo posters, which didnt surprise me since this is probably place other than morning glory that sells kpop merch. the merch isn’t official, but its affordable !!

also, the owner was having a sale on the posters:

12 posters + sticker pack for 10 dollars !! a steal, if you ask me.

I’m not from Las Vegas and just visiting but this store didn’t disappoint me. First, I love how the owners were very kind. The man had a nice conversation with my Dad since I was taking forever looking at posters and other merchandises.
Second, the store didn’t have much kpop items as it isn’t an actual kpop store (they just have a small section of it), but I was very happy with what I bought. I like how the posters of boy/girl groups were new or updated, unlike some kpop stores who still sell outdated ones. I just wish they had more merchandise when I visited because I would’ve bought more.

Great place for KPop and other Korean cultural finds. Loved the help I received! Thank you!

Amazing, I loved it there and the person working was so friendly, I got 12 kpop posters and I thought it was going to be expensive but it was only 30 dollars, everyone should go there I absolutely love it

Really cute shop. I went in not expecting much but they did have quite a few things for such a small section of the store. I was looking for exo related stuff and found it. They had other groups like vixx bts and girls generation. Got some cool posters, a shirt, stickers and postcards. The really nice lady upfront help me look through the stuff for exo. 🙂

I am not really a native Las Vegas person so it was pretty hard looking for this place, not really in the Chinatown area and more of korea town. But anyways the store had a really great selection of kpop items there although some are not official. They try to stay up to date with the merch and I was quite surprised when I saw some of the oldies stuff like shinee and block b. The owner of the store was really nice when assisting me look for different merch, and attempt to make conversation when it comes to the different kpop groups. Would really recommend for anyone who is willing to make the trip to the store.

Great place to get some cool K-pop merchandise in Vegas. The man working there when I went was completely helpful and kind. There’s a variety of merch; posters, little paper stand-ups, cards, rubber bracelets, stationary things, and others. Although exclusive to a few groups, it’s got some of my favorite girl and boy groups. I did see a few albums when I last went, It would be cool and convenient if there were more selection in albums 🙂 Prices overall affordable and staff very nice and helpful. I always stop by when I’m in the area.

All I saw K-Pop related was the shirts and some posters I believe. I do love the beds in the back. But guessing that the movies 3 stores down and the beauty shop might give them a run for their money. They need something unique to the store. Overall it was a good experience.

This little shop shouldn’t even have K-pop in their name. Yes I did see some Kpop related stuff but there was not much. There were backpacks that had a groups logo on it but they were white and not the groups color. Aproximately 75% of the stores products were home goods, therefore they should be named ‘ Korean Home Shopping ‘. However there were two nice stores next to them one that had a bunch of popular korean cosmetics and a store that had hundreds of kdramas.


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